Novel services to provide quality assurance and R&D

In recent years, 3D scanning using industrial CT has been attracting attention as a testing technique in product development and manufacturing processes. Since 2015, JMC has been using the technology characteristics of industrial CT, which allows the observation of the inside of a product, to improve the quality of our own products. In addition, we also started providing services to other companies from the following year. In addition to preparing the industry’s largest scale system of six high-end industrial CT scanners, we apply the know-how used in our own manufacturing to achieve an amazing level of quality and delivery time to earn the trust of not only the manufacturing industry.

Supporting amazingly short delivery times

Industrial CT tends to have many usage applications which require a sense of urgency such as discovering the cause of a defect in a product. In addition to having the industry’s largest scale measurement capacity, JMC supports short delivery times by maintaining a system which specializes in contracting.

High output and high precision

The measurement of metal and composite parts together requires exposure to high output X-rays. At JMC, we have introduced systems equipped with high output X-ray tubes which incorporate the latest technologies and balance both output and precision.

Extensive scanning track record

We have gained an industry-leading track record in CT, by scanning over 10,000 products a year. While we mainly scan industrial components, we also scan a wide range of items including toys, artworks, and biological samples. In addition, JMC is also recognized as a sales agent by CT equipment manufacturers and software developers to provide services backed by proven and reliable technical capabilities.

Rapid and considerate response

With typical industrial CT services, items are scanned without knowing what kind of data will be obtained, and in many cases satisfying results cannot be achieved. At JMC, in order to satisfy all customers, we provide an explanation in advance based on similar past engagements to strive to help customers visualize whether they can obtain the desired results.

Providing end-to-end analytical insights that fully integrate with our 3D and casting capabilities

Deciding how you will utilize the obtained data is an important issue with industrial CT. At JMC, we not only convert the shape to three-dimensional data but also provide analysis services such as defect visualization, fiber orientation analysis, and strength test simulations. In addition, we also strive to provide added value through integration with our 3D printer output business and casting business.

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