When exactly did the "made in JAPAN” brand
spread throughout the world?
How much effort, hardship, and challenge did it take
until that high level of quality and service was understood?
Without the same level of passion and ideas
which characterized those early pioneers,
we will not survive the next era.
Now is the time for us to transcend the pathway previously opened
by our predecessors and aim for a new horizon in manufacturing.
And to do it in our own way.


Applying intelligence
to manufacturing.

We will not be limited
by the existing manufacturing frameworks.
We will combine every method and every material
to more flexibly and boldly create new items.
Our guiding principle is to use our intelligence
to correctly ascertain our goals,
to accurately understand the issues at hand,
and to constantly push the boundaries
in the pursuit of utting-edge manufacturing.
Our vision is to become the strongest supplier
that can realize every aspect of
what our customers want to create and do.