A next generation processing plant that embodies the JMC brand

The newly constructed milling center in Hamamatsu embodies the JMC brand and is a plant which modernizes the traditional image of the manufacturing industry. The outer walls of the plant use special tiles with the company logo to create a distinctive and eye-catching design. The intelligent design is also introduced to the interior structure, in such a way that yields dramatic improvements in production capacity through the equipment installation, while also creating a refined space that is simple and logical.

We also devoted great energy to designing the common area, which at first glance looks like a cafe or a restaurant. Moreover, we also challenged ourselves to try many new ideas for the purpose of stimulating communication such as placing glass-partitioned meeting rooms in an island format with the goal of creating a plant that would excite people when they come to visit.

Our next-generation flagship factory proposes
a new vision for casting foundries.

At the Concept Center’s (casting foundry in Iida, Nagano Prefecture) Stage 5 building, which started operation in January 2018, we installed air conditioning equipment for all buildings (including three types of air conditioning modes for each work breakdown) and equipment which enables the work environment to be controlled from the headquarters. As a result, we have advanced the standardization of the casting process which was affected by the temperature, humidity, and other environmental aspects and expect to improve the quality control and operating efficiency. In addition, we have also achieved improvements in the casting work site environment, which was typically referred to as being "3D” (difficult, dirty, and dangerous).

During normal operation

During metal injection

During sand mold collapsing

In addition, the employee lounge established as an annex was installed with the goal of enabling interaction between employees, developing abilities to forge career paths, and maintaining an attractive environment for new talent.

The lounge is divided into four areas according to their purpose which consist of the "Work Lounge” space, "Relaxation” space, "Digital Learning” space, and the "Meeting” space. While respecting diverse individual work styles, each area features a connected space design in order to facilitate smooth internal communication.

The "Digital Learning” space, which is a new experiment, is equipped with PCs installed with the CAD/CAM software used on the casting work site to provide employees with opportunities and a learning environment that they can freely access with the goal of supporting the development of individual skills and improving performance.

JMC believes that changing the so-called "3D” (difficult, dirty, and dangerous) manufacturing floor into a comfortable and easy-to-work environment will lead to business expansion as well as the medium to long-term hiring and nurturing of talent.