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President and CEO


Our company entered the manufacturing industry as a small town factory located in a residential area of Yokohama in September 1999. We still had no name recognition. But what we had in that small factory was one 3D printer, which was quite unusual at the time, and a passion for manufacturing. Looking back, we were always constantly fighting with various problems and issues. However, as we resolved the problems one by one and continued to produce results, the 3D data technologies and know-how that we cultivated became the foundation which now supports all of our businesses and a significant company asset.

In 2006, we merged with S.K.E. Limited, a company that managed a casting business. By combining our strengths in digital technology with the quintessential analog technology of casting, we created a next-generation casting business combining "quality” and "speed,” something that only we could achieve. In 2017, we carved out the industrial CT-based testing process, which was part of the casting business, to turn it into a standalone CT service business unit. As a result, we possess an integrated value chain consisting of prototyping, manufacturing, and testing. By establishing a position as a partner company that resolves customer issues in prototyping and development, we have been able to earn a deep level of trust in various industries.

Then, in 2019, we renewed the brand under the slogan "MADE BY JMC” to introduce our new management philosophy. This philosophy establishes "JMC” as a leading brand within the Japanese manufacturing industry, and incorporates our strong desire to usher-in a new era in modern manufacturing. In addition, we announced the medium-term management plan to play a leading role in the high value-add markets, particularly in the medical device and the aerospace fields.

Going forward, we will perfect previously accumulated technologies to the utmost limit and use them as a launching pad to open up new markets and achieve sustainable and dynamic company growth.

What is important in this era of rapidly evolving market needs is to always continue to improve regardless of existing ways of doing things and obvious methods. "Keep your eyes on each and every customer, listen, read the demand, and make the first move,” "Compete based on value and not on price,” and "Move with an aggressive stance at every stage of manufacturing.” I hope that we can continue to be such a company no matter how much the scale changes.

Managing Director and COO

SUZUKI Hiroyuki

Director and CFO


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Outside Director

OKAMOTO Hidetoshi