Delivering high quality products at an amazing speed

The year was 1999, and the phrase "3D printer” had not even taken hold. JMC discovered the potential of that technology before anyone else, introduced a stereolithography machine for professional use, and started an output service focusing on the manufacturing industry. Even now, as 3D printers have become more widely adopted as an essential technology in product development, JMC continues to earn a high level of trust from customers in various industries including automomotive, consumer electronics, hospitals, publishing, and apparel through our high speed service, support for a wide range of materials, superior processing technology, and continued capital investment in the latest technologies. Going forward, we will continue to provide products that combine short delivery time with superior quality for every order through our know-how and deep knowledge cultivated over many years.

Speed with consistency

We achieve rapid manufacturing by operating our plant year-round to shorten the time to delivery. In addition, we offer fast turnaround and various pick up and delivery options, and we will expend every effort possible to satisfy the most strict deadlines.

20 years of achievements in the 3D printing business

JMC has continued to produce models with a focus on prototypes since the dawn of the 3D printing era in 1999. In recent years, various combinations of 3D printing materials and methods have been developed, but we continue to constantly push the limit of what is possible. JMC utilizes its cultivated know-how to propose the optimal method for achieving our customers’ desired goals.

Outstanding 3D data editing expertise and measurement technology

JMC maintains a dedicated in-house team which specializes in editing 3D data. This team is equally capable of modeling based on a rough sketch, all the way to more sophisticated CT and MRI scans. In addition, we also have a high-end non-contact measuring instrument and an industrial CT scanner to provide a total solution including 3D scans.

Providing added value through post-processing

We also support post mold finishing, clear coating, additional machining work, plating, and other forms of surface processing. In our polishing and coating services, craftsmen polish the differences in lamination which occur during construction to create smooth surfaces. JMC is staffed with several master craftsmen, and we are confident in our hand finishing post-processing capabilities.

Quality and precision

JMC has pursued total customer satisfaction since we started operating in the manufacturing industry. We constantly aim to shorten delivery times and improve product quality as well as achieve excellence in our interactions with every stakeholder in the value chain.

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