The JMC logo was created from an original font.

The many fonts which exist in the world were each created with a specific role. For example, the "DIN” font created in Germany was originally designed to standardize notation of model numbers for industrial products, etc. Using this "DIN” font as an example, JMC developed its own unique font. While setting the maintenance of legibility even when the characters have faded on a casting product as a condition, our goal was to create a font with an individuality that customers would grow fond of and become an icon of Japanese manufacturing.

JMC Gothic


  • White

    CMYK:C0 M0 Y0 K100

    RGB:R0 G0 B0

  • Black

    CMYK:C0 M0 Y0 K0

    RGB:R255 G255 B255

  • Gray


    CMYK:C46 M22 Y25 K0

    RGB:R142 G163 B173

The individuality of achromatic color.

At JMC, we have designated the achromatic colors of "white, black, and gray” as our brand colors. At first glance, this use of color may appear to lack individuality, but on the contrary these colors blend with any color. The breadth to be able to accept such a range of diversity is the basis of our individuality.