Wearing our pride.

We report to work and return home in our work uniforms. JMC wanted to create a uniform with a design that employees would be proud to wear instead of feeling embarrassed in such a situation. While aiming for designability, we also emphasized the functionality of the uniforms for working at a manufacturing site such as incorporating magnets in the pockets to fix a metal ruler. Together with Chacott, a company which specializes in the ultimate functional garments in costumes for the ballet stage, we created a uniform with a completely original pattern.

We believe that not only the factory space but also the work uniforms worn by employees are an extremely significant tool for embodying the corporate brand. Moreover, if we look around the industry, there are many manufacturers that prohibit employees from wearing their work uniform when coming to work. In this situation, on the contrary we wanted to depict a vision of the manufacturing industry in which employees are welcome to come to work in their work uniform. Therefore, our goal was to create a work uniform that everyone can wear from workers on the floor to employees performing desk work and visitors touring the plant.