Staying one step ahead of the times by constantly tackling unconventional challenges

Sand mold casting was developed from traditional methods used during the Yayoi era in ancient times. By combining the skills of craftsmen cultivated over a long period of time with the latest digital technologies, JMC has raised the level of casting technology to new heights in all aspects of "speed,” "quality,” and "service.” In particular, we have proactively increased our non-contact measuring instruments, industrial CT scanners, and other equipment to perfect our quality assurance system, and in 2015 we received JIS Q9100 certification for quality management systems in the aerospace field. Moreover, in 2018 we constructed a flagship factory that enables room temperature control of the casting process, which was an innovative endeavor in the sand mold casting industry, as part of our efforts to pursue quality and cutting-edge technology.

Supporting short delivery times with consistency and under one roof

We use a system of integrated production within the company for all processes from mold manufacturing to machining. This has enabled us to perform efficient process control and reduce the transportation time to achieve a dramatic decrease in delivery times. In addition, we can also smoothly handle design changes which require mold corrections.

Wide ranging production capacity

We support the prototyping process of our customers with a powerful production system featuring 11 casting furnaces, 4 heat treatment furnaces, and more than 10 machining centers. In addition, we strive to support products with a high degree of complexity by introducing low pressure casting furnaces, sand mold 3D printers, and other cutting edge equipment to improve our technical capabilities.

Data-driven casting process

We are building an environment to enable the quantitative observation of sand mold casting by evaluating craftsmanship which is said to be difficult to digitize using industrial CT scanners and storing the results as digital data. Moreover, we are aiming for further stabilization of quality through efforts such as manufacturing in a casting plant equipped with room temperature controls that are innovative within the sand mold casting industry.

Innovative quality assurance system

In addition to conventional testing methods such as dimensional measurements using 3D measuring instruments, penetrant testing, and pressure testing, we combine every type of testing method including evaluations of internal quality using industrial CT scans, spectroscopic analysis, structural observation, and other material tests to strive for quality assurance from various perspectives.

Material support capability

The alloys which are used as materials in casting products are always evolving and continue to be developed according to market needs. At JMC, we support the ZE41A and EV31 high intensity magnesium alloys with a high degree of casting difficulty as well as alloys supplied by customers that have special specifications.

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