Everything that we do is to create unsurpassed products

Cutting edge manufacturing with 3D printers is nothing more than a method for creating better products, which is the same as traditional manufacturing using casting. We combine both the digital and the analog in order to achieve the optimal method to meet our customers’ needs. Our pursuit of quality as an "essential consideration” enables us to manufacture based on innovative ideas.



High quality at high speed

"Made in JAPAN” became a globally recognized brand due to its amazingly high level of quality. By further applying digital techniques, we have added astounding speed to that quality. It goes without saying that products should be manufactured in a conscientious way with attention to details. Through advances in technology, we will achieve speeds that astonish the world even in an era of rapidly accelerating manufacturing cycles.



Providing superior levels of service to the manufacturing industry

If you create good products, people will notice them. The only thing that will be evaluated is the quality. We believe that such thinking is simply naive. Our goal is to also reach superior levels of service. From how we answer the phone, to managing online inquiries, to packaging at the time of final delivery, we always view things from the customer’s perspective to respond at a level which exceeds their expectations.



If it does not exist, then we will create it ourselves

When we needed analysis using industrial CT scanners, a satisfactory service did not exist yet in the world. If it does not exist, then we should do it ourselves. The CT scanning business which started from that idea has grown into one of the core businesses of JMC. In order to achieve the highest level of quality that we are pursuing, at times we also actively use new technologies without making any compromises. We will continue to value this JMC distinctiveness which has remained unchanged from the time the company was founded and we began working with 3D printers before anyone else.



Searching for ways to accomplish a goal instead of the reasons why it cannot be done

As society has continued to advance through technological progress, the number of difficult problems received from customers has also increased. Because we have overcome many difficult problems, we know that such challenges lead to growth. We will strive to intensely think about what techniques and what technologies will lead to satisfactory levels of quality to be able to propose the optimal manufacturing methods as a partner that is moving toward the same goal. This is because more difficult problems lead to higher value-added manufacturing. We hope that you will come and challenge us with your most complex problems.