Traditional casting technologies, advanced 3D printing technologies, and data analysis through industrial CT. Through the proper use of these three technologies, we achieve high level results in all processes including "prototyping,” "manufacturing,” and "quality improvement.”
Moreover, by skillfully combining each of these technologies, we respond to a wide range of customer needs, while also pioneering ways to apply technologies to new domains which were not previously supported by existing manufacturing methods.


JMC continues to search for new approaches to manufacturing without getting caught up in conventional thinking. One aspect of that challenge is company management which incorporates a branding perspective. By changing the image of the manufacturing industry, which was once referred to as the "3D” (difficult, dirty, and dangerous) industry, we are building ties with previously unreachable industries, markets, and talented personnel to help accelerate the evolution of manufacturing. Moreover, we are open sourcing the designs and tools created from our initiatives to also contribute to improving the image and value of the entire manufacturing industry.


JMC’s headquarters moved to its current location in Shin-Yokohama in 2011. Our headquarters house Japan’s largest scale 3D printing equipment used for prototyping and small lot production, enabling us to play a leading role in the 3D printing industry. In addition, we have installed a miniature CT scanner for industrial use, which is dedicated to research purposes and plays an important role in positioning our business as a unified and multi-disciplinary 3D digital technology hub.